Franco-Ontarian Resources

School Activities

Drawing Contest

Organize a drawing contest at school or in your community. The winning drawings could be used for the creation of a festival concert or exposed at school, at the community centre or at city hall.

 A Play

Put together a play featuring characters of the New-France. You can recreate a famous trial, present an adaptation of the visit of Samuel de Champlain in your region or choose a play that was presented in New-France times.

Stories and music

Invite a storyteller at school, at the community centre or at a festival. You can also play the role of a storyteller and read different excerpts from an explorer’s travels to your students or children. To make it even more interesting, choose explorers who discovered your part of the province.

Add rhythm to the celebrations by inviting a traditional music group to entertain the crowd during a festival, at school or at the community centre. It could also be interesting to invite musicians who have knowledge of old instruments to teach the audience how they work.


Organize a masquerade with a New-France theme. Take advantage of this day to encourage your guests or students to dress in clothing of past era. You can show off the costumes by hosting a contest or a fashion show.

Learning Workshops

Create interactive workshops about the different jobs that were practiced during the French colonial time. Different craftsmen who have knowledge about the traditional techniques could take part in the activity.

Organize learning activities about New-France for your students. It could be interesting to prepare a dictation about a famous character of that time or to ask the students to write a creative text about a colonial aspect.

Interested in initiating your students or children to the history of New-France? Do it while having fun! Play hangman or charades while trying to make them discover words linked to the history of French colonial times. For adults, what could be more fun than a historical themed Scrabble match?

In your city or region, identify the buildings, the roads or the shops named in honour of Champlain or with the name of something linked to New-France’s history.